Frequently Asked Questions

How does the alert work?

We will notify you via email the next time we detect that AirPods are in stock at your selected store. Included in the email we send you will be a link to purchase the product online. We do not actually purchase the item for you. You must follow the link and purchase them yourself.

Unless you purchased multiple priority alerts, you will only receive a single alert that expires once we’ve notified you. This is because we do not want to “spam” you with too many alerts. We include instructions in the alert email on how to set up a new email alert in case you are unable to immediately purchase the item.

To prevent your email client from accidently filing the alert as spam, please add to your address book.

How can I see which alerts I’m subscribed to?

You can view all of your alerts, change your email preferences, and even remove your account completely by accessing the Manage Preferences page.

Can you split my alerts across multiple stores?

Unfortunately, we do not support splitting priority alerts at this time. If you want priority alerts for multiple locations, then you must a upgrade each individual location.

What are “priority” alerts?

We do not run any ads, so we rely on user contributions to keep our service up and running. In exchange for your contribution, we put you in a “priority” queue that is emailed before the standard queue.

As you may know, Apple is only delivering extremely low quantities of AirPods to retail stores (we have seen cases where Apple stores had only 8 or so in stock). Signing up for the locations priority queue may give you the advantage you need in order to get the product before others, as individual stores may have many people waiting for the next shipment.

When you purchase a priority alert, you are purchasing the priority alert for that individual store. To set up priority alerts for multiple stores, you must repeat your purchase for each store.

How is my email being handled?

Please view our Privacy Policy that explains in detail how we handle your email and other identifiable, and non-identifiable personal data.

Are you affiliated with Apple?

We are not affiliated with Apple in any way. We are just big fans who wanted to help a few folks out. This means that while you will get an alert the next time that we detect that the store you selected has the item in stock, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on stock levels. We actually created this application to get our own AirPods (and it worked!), so we can say with confidence that it does the job. Please understand that this service acts merely as a helpful tool to help you purchase your AirPods.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email us at